Hello folks,

April was another busy month, peppered with a welcomed break over the Easter period. I trust you all had a restful holiday too.

The momentum from March carried over into April as we welcomed six more clients across diverse sectors such as marketing, education, IT and recruitment. These partnerships allow us to continually evolve our approach and broaden our expertise.

On the travel front, I’ve been racking up the miles, visiting Leicester, Bournemouth, Gloucester and London. Meeting brilliant minds and innovative businesses has been truly enriching, and we’re excited about the potential collaborations on the horizon.

The response to our March 2023 30-day video challenge has been absolutely phenomenal, leading to an astounding 26 new enquiries in April. It’s amazing to see the effort
translate into tangible results and we are extremely thankful for the engagement and interest.

Lastly, in case you’re wondering about my choice of attire, I will be donning the sky blue of Coventry City Football Club proudly throughout the Championship play-offs hoping that they can go all the way and be promoted back to the Premier League! A shout out to all fellow fans – keep the faith.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from NDC. Here’s to a fruitful month ahead!

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