August has drawn to a close and I wanted to take a moment to share a few highlights from the month:

School Holidays
The summer holidays in August often mean a change in pace. With children on break, finding a balance between work and family life becomes all the more essential. I appreciate everyone, both within and outside our firm, who have been managing these dual responsibilities!

ArcTanGent Festival
I took some personal time off to attend the ArcTanGent heavy metal festival this month! While it was a departure from my typical routine, it provided a much-needed breather and a change in environment.

Value Pricing Academy coaching
I had the opportunity to deliver a coaching session focusing on the importance of testing as part of Mark Wickersham’s Value Pricing Academy. It’s always super important to engage in professional development and this was no exception. It was an interesting 90 minute session, beamed to academy members all over the world and there was lots of collaboration with plenty of ideas discussed.

August was filled with numerous interactions – 14 face-to-face meetings and 25 Zoom calls to be precise! The combination of in-person and online meetings reaffirmed our personable service, the evolving nature of our work and the tools we use to stay connected.

Award winners!
We are incredibly proud to announce that we have won the Southern Enterprise Award for Best Financial Data Solutions Company in Somerset for 2023!! This was an award that we also won in 2022 and shows our unwavering commitment to apply modern technology in our day to day processes. This, in turn, helps us give our clients proactive and real-time advice and support to maximise business performance and minimise their tax bills.

Welcoming New Clients
I’m pleased to share that we signed on four new clients in August. Amongst those new clients were a recruitment agency, property developer, digital marketing consultant and construction contractor! A big welcome to those who’ve chosen to work with NDC. We’re committed to delivering our best, and we look forward to our collaboration ahead.

In summary, August has been a productive month with its set of challenges and achievements. As we move into September, I want to express my thanks to our team, our clients, and everyone who contributed to our successes this past month.

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