New Clients!

In December, we were pleased to sign six new clients including three within property management, two in project management and one landscape gardener. We successfully onboarded all of these clients just before Christmas, with some final work scheduled to complete in January. This influx of new clients is a great way to close out 2023 and sets us up for a busy start in the new year 🙂


Property Project

We had a promising meeting regarding a new property project and while the details are still being finalised, we have confirmed our involvement in some capacity. This project is still in its early stages, so I’ll be able to share more information in the next month or two as things progress. It’s an exciting opportunity that has the potential to significantly impact our business!


Value Pricing Academy interview

Mark Wickersham, founder of the Value Pricing Academy (whom I do some coaching on behalf of) interviewed me back in November 2020 regarding the first year of my business journey. Four years on, he wanted to do a catch-up session! Had a great time dissecting the challenges of growing the business, employing staff, moving offices (twice!) and continuing to build our Making Finance Fun community.


New York

Our holiday plans to New York were unfortunately cancelled due to health issues 🙁 Both my wife and I were hospitalised, which made for a rough start to December. Thankfully, we both recovered quickly and were able to return to work by mid-December with our holiday rescheduled for the New Year.


Christmas and 40th Birthday

Amid the challenges, I managed to celebrate my 40th birthday along with taking the team out for our annual Christmas night out! Following that, we enjoyed a much-needed Christmas break, allowing us to rest and recharge. Throughout this period, the team was incredibly supportive, handling everything smoothly during my illness and subsequent holiday. Their hard work and dedication have been invaluable and taking them out for a few drinks and food was the least that I could do!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m incredibly excited about the opportunities 2024 will bring and look forward to continuing the growth of NDC.

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