June 2022

The start of the summer brought around a huge amount of new business, a trip to the capital, a World Cup win and my first music festival in three years… Here’s the monthly round-up for June 2022 🤘🏻


New clients

Well if May was slightly quieter for us, June definitely made up for it! We onboarded another recruitment agency specialising in the med-tech industry (starting to get a little niche in recruitment!), a martial arts studio, film director, videographer and learning and development consultant, amongst a few others that I haven’t mentioned. An extremely diverse bunch of companies and individuals, but all with the same entrepreneurial and ambitious mindset to deliver excellent service to their clients. I can’t wait to start working with them! 💪🏻

And one other client that has a little section of their own below…..


Screen Pop

As you may (or may not) know, I didn’t undertake any formal kind of networking for the first two years-ish of my business journey. Partly through the pandemic halting face to face networking, but also because it was something that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. I’d attended a couple of taster sessions for more corporate networking groups (who I won’t mention here), but they were full of really salesy people with huge agendas.

So it was hugely refreshing to find that Screen Pop – a 100% virtual networking group – was totally the opposite experience and after a couple of visits I signed up for a couple of their groups. What I didn’t expect was to be contacted no more than a few months of joining to see if I would be interested in being the accountant for the WHOLE BUSINESS 🤯

And a few months later, here we are! Massively proud and privileged to be involved with commercially driving this business forwards and giving the Directors the insight they so badly need to achieve this. If you’re a small business and interested in finding out how to join this massively expanding network, then feel free to join their Facebook group and mention NDC 🙏🏻


London town!

My first trip to London in approximately three years occurred in June and I used the time to meet with a few clients face to face, one of which I had been working with since June 2020(!), alongside meeting my mentor and coach Mark Wickersham for the first ever time 😍

A person who I have a huge amount of admiration for and have followed since mid-2019 when this pipe dream of owning my my own business was turning into a reality, we discussed about his history and the future plans of the Value Pricing Academy where he teaches other accountants and bookkeepers about pricing and marketing.

Let’s just say that there are a few interesting developments to surface in the coming future and I can’t wait to continue my fledgling coaching and mentoring services to his Academy. Here’s a picture of us after some food and a few beers:



It’s been an incredible month for the professional darts players that we sponsor 😍

Dimitri won back to back World Series events and Damon (who is also a client of ours) won the World Cup of Darts with fellow compatriot Simon Whitlock!!! Absolutely astounded with both of their successes and I feel so proud seeing our logo displayed on their shirts as they performed so commendably in winning these trophies.


UK Tech-Fest 2022

Finally, you all know how much I’m into my heavy metal music 🤘🏻 Well I experienced my first live music for almost a year and my first music festival for THREE YEARS!

It was great to see UK Tech-Fest back again after the pandemic-related break that they were forced into undertaking and as a valued client of ours, it was amazing to meet the original founder of the festival for the first time. I also managed to speak to several people who I’ve been speaking to online to for 7/8 years! 🤯

Here’s a selection of photos from what was an incredible weekend…



And here is me with the founder of the festival Simon Garrod:

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