March 2022

The month of contracting COVID-19 and feeling fairly poorly 😩 Nevertheless, I soldiered on as best as I could. Here’s the monthly round-up for March 2022 🤘🏻

New clients

Huuuuge month for new business! Amongst signing our (at the time of writing) largest business advisory business – a recruitment agency with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin and Bristol – we also wrapped up deals with a beauty salon in Portishead, a hair salon in Bristol and a legal firm in our hometown of Weston-super-Mare. All extremely exciting businesses with lots of analytical, process-improving, profit-boosting work to complete, alongside getting them squeaky clean with their systems and compliance tasks 👌🏻

30-Day Video Challenge

I completed two 30-day video challenges in 2021 (where I go live for 1-2 mins every single day for 30 days in a row) and thought March would be a good time to complete challenge number three!

Amongst some the activities I got up to included attending the regional FSB Awards (see more info below…), creating some nifty management reporting, DJing heavy metal, lego building, playing football and a couple of fairly emotive days detailing the ups and downs of owning a small business – it’s hard work 🙏

I’m in the middle of stitching these individual videos together to make one showreel (along with my previous challenges)  which should be pretty cool, so watch this space!

FSB Awards Dinner

If you checked out my 30-Day Video Challenge from above, you might’ve seen that I didn’t win the South West Community Award 😥

Nevertheless, I was incredibly proud and humbled to have attended the awards ceremony as a finalist and I’ve shown a few pictures of the event below from the amazing Winter Gardens Pavilion in Weston-super-Mare.

Here’s to 2023! 😎


This was not funny…. Completely wiped me out for a week, had to work from home and postponed a shedload of meetings  which put me back a fair bit.

Fortunately I had incredible support from my wife (one of the kids was also ill with the virus 😩) and from Rob and Niall holding the fort in the office, making sure that clients were kept updated with deadlines and projects.

It spiralled into April with a double-dip – I was told this could’ve been “long COVID” – but fortunately it eventually left my system, I was able to pick my fitness back up and was back on the road seeing clients and prospects 💪

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