May 2022

This was a super varied month that involved lots of travelling, networking and coaching… Here’s the monthly round-up for May 2022 🤘🏻

New clients

After the excesses of April(!), May was a little quieter for us on the new business front. Nevertheless we expanded our workload with a hugely exciting European-based recruitment agency and gained an extremely gifted (and local) IT service professional with grand aspirations to grow his small business and provide great service to his clients – we’re absolutely on hand to help on that side of things 😎

Marketing video

I often look at the first introduction video that I created way back in February 2020 (check it out here) and cringe a fair bit 😅 So I’ve made the choice to create something a bit more professional, a bit more updated and to put more of me and my personality into the business. I have enlisted the help of Nathan at Zanshin Films (check his work out, he’s awesome) who will be filming some interesting things over the next month or so. Keep your eyes peeled….

Travelling, meetings, connections, networking…

If you thought 15 offsite visits were impressive in April, I managed to complete 18 in May! I travelled to places new and far afield such as Bradford, Leicester, Stanstead and Bristol (well, new areas in Bristol anyway…).

I had a great catch-up with Helen from UK Tech-Fest about how the plans for 2022’s festival were shaping up (it’s their first since 2019) and about how we could commercially evaluate the business performance to enable growth and diversification.

I also managed to have face to face meetings with a few clients for the first time – some of them I’d been working with since the back end of 2021! And finally I attended the Screen Pop Expo event in Stanstead which enabled me to meet a lot of people whom I have been virtually networking with since around October 2021. The event was great, managed to speak to a whole bunch of people (including some interesting new connections) and the after-event food and drinks went down a treat. Here’s some photos of the event below:


Business Advisory Masterclass

I was proud and privileged to again be asked to speak at one of my mentor’s (Mark Wickersham) conferences, this time based on Business Advisory services.

The specific area that I spoke about was “How to deliver advisory services to your clients… and your client’s clients!” and I spoke about the various ways in which I deliver business advisory services within NDC. On top of this I also showed how to share this knowledge with your clients so that they can deliver advisory services to their own clients, along with detailing a few anonymised client case studies that demonstrated the awesome results we’ve been getting in practice.

New Business…!

And finally, this month marked the start of a new chapter for the wider NDC group as we created a separate, brand new business to uncover some amazing potential. More news on that in the near future… 😉


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