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Whether you’re a sole trader turning over £5k a year or a Limited Company with revenues of £1m+ a year, I can assist with all of your bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and regulatory requirements including (but not limited to) annual accounts, formal returns with HMRC and Companies House and Self-Assessment returns.

I have various, flexible pricing packages that can suit businesses of all shapes and sizes and my extensive experience across a number of industries means that I am well-placed to assist with helping you realise your company’s potential. And I’m not just compliant with the regulatory bodies.

I have a plethora of commercial options to highlight the areas that you need to focus on, through a range of techniques such as management accounting, budgeting, business planning, Key Performance Indicator reporting and financial modelling.

Budgeting & Forecasting


Whatever your current budgeting practices, I may well be able to give you that little bit more insight that could make this process a lot more effective. I’ve created dozens of templates for businesses in all sorts of different industries and have managed to amass multiple techniques and analysis methods that have proved invaluable with getting that future projection as accurate as possible.

By comparing multiple years of data, interrogating underlying trends, applying statistical methodology and including the most effective parameters that really make a difference, you can be rest assured that you and your management team will have a robust budget that will enable you to drive the strategic growth of your business.


I’ve got a knack of transforming large, complex databases and transactional data sets into meaningful analysis that can be easily understood and interpreted.

Whether it’s a one off project requirement, deep-dive into customer behaviours or an ongoing suite of management accounts that’s needed, you can be rest assured that the variety of techniques I utilise can deal with your needs.

Let me help unlock your company’s potential by showing your financials from multiple viewpoints and identifying those underlying trends that make the business tick.


Don’t struggle trying to make sense of what your systems may or may not be telling you. Let me order those outputs in a coherent manner and communicate the areas that require your attention the most.

By combining all of the services that I provide, there’s a good chance that I can drastically improve the understanding of your business, leading to more efficient and effective decision-making capabilities and insight.


The fundamental indicators that enable you to understand exactly what your business needs to achieve in order to perform to expectations and drive sustainable growth can often be hard to ascertain.

There are numerous ways to calculate, display and interrogate this information utilising a variety of methods. I can review your business dependencies and characteristics to suggest relevant financial and non-financial Key Performance Indicators.

I’ll then devise the most efficient and effective way to report these metrics on a regular basis. And going forwards, I can advise techniques and best practice to enable you to improve these metrics to achieve overall performance enhancement.

Management Reporting & KPI Reporting
Process Re-engineering


Sometimes it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees when you’re in a busy trading environment and tasks such as regular producing regular management accounts – let alone reviewing them – can be difficult to achieve.

So let me have a peek into the internal mechanics of your systems and processes to see if I can make a difference. It might be automating a time-consuming spreadsheet; it could be creating an entirely new process to deal with a difficult scenario.

I’ll produce an in-depth review to suggest what I think would benefit your business in the long term and the benefits that these changes could present to you.