I am massively proud to announce that Neil’s Data Consultancy have been named as one of the most inspiring accountants in the world! We’ve been awarded the accolade as a result of being selected for inclusion in the new book “The World’s Most Inspiring Businesses 2021”. Announcing our inclusion, Steve Pipe, the book’s author, said:

“Neil’s Data Consultancy are raising the bar for accountants globally, inspiring an entire generation, and making a profound difference to the planet and to humanity. And one thing is really clear… the world would be a much better place if more accountants were like Neil.”

I am truly humbled and proud to be given this title and have always believed passionately that every business has the power to change lives. To make life better for our customers, teams, and their families by the work we do and how we do it. And also to make life better for people we may never meet and in places we may never travel to.

As my business has continued to grow from strength to strength in such a short amount of time, working with some incredible clients and far surpassing what I thought we could ever achieve, I’ve been determined to demonstrate that success by giving to those less fortunate.

I’ve incorporated even greater purpose and meaning into what we do, by also playing our part in helping to make the world a better place by achieving the UN Global Goals for humanity. So that we can help end global poverty, tackle injustice and reverse climate change.

It’s why I’ve set a target to help make 5,000 impacts of help in those areas during 2021, although we’re actually on course to double this number so perhaps I should increase this target for 2022! I truly am thrilled to see our commitment to those things being recognised on a global stage.

“The world’s most inspiring businesses 2021” is written by Steve Pipe and is available here –www.worldsmostinspiring.com

You can see our inclusion in the book online by heading here – https://www.worldsmostinspiring.com/2021ndc

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